The hemlock woolly adelgid (HWA) predator database is a repository of data associated with the rearing, release, and monitoring of biocontrol agents predatory on HWA. The database currently contains information on the release and monitoring of five species: Laricobius nigrinus, Laricobius osakensis, Scymnus camptodromus, Scymnus sinuanodulus, and Sasajiscymnus tsugae. By feeding on HWA, these beetles have been shown to reduce the negative impacts of HWA populations. Beetles, reared at one of several labs in the USA, are released according to a pre-defined protocol. These release sites are monitored to determine if beetles have become established. Releases and monitoring are performed by a variety of state and federal organizations. The information on predator releases and movement will help guide subsequent decisions on management as well as provide useful information on predator population dynamics.

This website is hosted at the Department of Entomology at Virginia Tech.  Should you have any questions about the content, or if you are a new user requesting database access, please contact Denise Dodd.

2020 Recovery Protocols for Laricobius spp.
Protocols for Release Site Selection and Releasing Hemlock Woolly Adelgid Predators in the Eastern U.S., 2019 – 2020
2019/2020 Survival Assessment of Summer Aestivating Hemlock Woolly Adelgid Sistens
2019/2020 Assessment of HWA Sistens Winter Mortality and Progrediens Recovery
HWA Predator Database Surveys Fall 2019
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